Outfit your kitchen with all new Staub cookware while it’s on sale at Sur la Table

2022-05-28 19:49:03 By : Ms. JENNY WANG

Sur la Table has Staub cookware up to 70% off!

As someone that likes to cook in my kitchen as much as possible, I know how important it is to have the right cookware for the job. But let’s not beat around this bush, cookware is not cheap. That’s why I try to take advantage of deals when I see them. So I’m over the moon about Sur la Table’s deal on Staub cookware where everything is up to 70% off.

Staub is mostly known for its enamel-covered cast iron cookware. Reasons for switching over to cast iron cookware in your kitchen include better heat retention, more even heat distribution, more durability, and that they’re better for high-heat cooking applications than other types of pans. Cast iron cookware makes a huge difference.

In addition to these types of items, you’ll also find standard skills, ceramic pots and pans, and even these cute little animal knobs that attach to the lids of your pots and pans. In total, this deal includes more than 75 cookware items to choose from, including things such as pots, pans, skillets, baking disehs, cocottes, lid holders and griddles.

There’s never a bad time to buy new cookware. But a good time to do so is when there’s deals like these from Sur la Table. So make sure you order everything you need while supplies last.