Useful camping gear for under $20

2021-12-25 01:51:40 By : Mr. Gary Jiang

Camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures can be some of the most fun things in life – but it can also be prohibitively expensive. 

Or it can be UN-prohibitively…. uh, cheap! Here are some of the most useful pieces of camping gear for under $20. 

GRESOU Camping Multitool — 14-in-1 Tool For Survival, $12.99

A multitool can solve a lot of problems on a camping trip – it’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades. As the name implies, it’s a tool with multiple uses (like a Swiss Army Knife) that can work as a screwdriver, pliers, a knife, and more.

While camping, you want to have everything you need in an easy-to-carry, lightweight package. And that’s exactly what this 14-in-1 multitool has to offer. Get access to 14 different tools in one convenient item that weighs less than a pound!

LCFUN USB Rechargeable Weatherproof Electric Lighter, $14.99

You can’t overstate the importance of being able to start a fire – whether it’s for warmth or just being able to enjoy a beer properly.

The issues start to pop up when it’s raining or if your lighter gets wet. Because most lighters just stop working. That’s why you need a waterproof lighter like this one from LCFUN. This flameless plasma lighter will work no matter the conditions.

The Original Tick Key — Tick Detaching Tool (3-Pack), $19.99

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in the woods, you’ve probably had the experience of getting uncomfortably intimate with a tick. These little bloodsuckers can be a real pain for both you and your pets, and you’re going to want to remove them as soon as you can – or at least before company arrives.

Instead of trying to yank them out with your fingers (which can cause infection) or fumbling around for some pliers or tweezers, use something that was invented exactly for this purpose: With this tick removal key, you can easily pop a tick out in seconds and keep all your blood for yourself.

DOLYOALO Bug Zapper Electric Camping Lantern, $13.99

Ahh, the serenity of being out in the woods at your favorite campsite. Nothing but the sounds of nature and your campfire crackling a few feet away. Peaceful, right? At least until the mosquitoes and other bugs get interested and start breaking up the party.

Sometimes bug spray isn’t enough and you need something to keep them away – something like this bug zapping lamp. The bright LED light will help you see while also attracting the bugs. And once the bugs go towards the light, they’ll get zapped and won’t be able to bother you anymore!

Umzhang 15-Piece Lightweight Camping Cookware Set, $19.99

Redneck 8-Piece Camping Outdoor Cooking Utensils, $19.19

When you’re camping, you want to pack ligh, and one thing that you might not account for is cookware – regular pots and pans are heavy and take up all sorts of space.

That’s why you need camping cookware and cooking utensils. With this lightweight and space-saving cookware set and accompanying 8-piece camping utensil set, you’ll have everything you need. Cook some hot dogs, heat up some veggies, or make something even fancier. 

Miady Dual USB Portable Charging Power Bank (2-Pack), $19.99

One of the worst parts about camping is being without electricity. While the peacefulness of disconnecting from the outside world may be alluring, sometimes you just want to be able to use your phone to make a call or check in with friends or family.

Or what if there’s an emergency and you need to make a call but your phone is dead? Don’t allow yourself to be in the situation with a portable power bank that you can use to charge your phone anywhere. 

Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak Survival Bracelet (2-Pack), $6.97

If you’re on a tight budget and want to take care of some basic safety precautions, I recommend picking up a couple of these paracord survival bracelets from A2S Protection. A comfortable and stylish bracelet, these things will come in handy if you’re ever out in the woods and need some quick survival gear.

With this bracelet, you have everything you need to start a fire, hold a make-shift splint together, hang up a clothesline to dry your wet clothes, and more. To top it all off, the bracelet even has a built-in whistle and a compass to help you find your way back to the campsite no matter what.