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Morgan Rogue   12.14.21

Having a nice cooking set in the outdoors can make a big difference when it comes to having some of the comforts of home while out on your adventure.

It can be as simple as a single pot to boil water for a freeze dried meal and some coffee, or it can be a little more robust for a whole setup.

I’ve done both. I’ve been a minimalist with just a pot and a burner and I’ve also carried a whole pots and pans set. It really varies and there are a lot of options to choose from depending on the type of adventure you’re going on.

In this article, I’ll talk about just the cookware sets and in another article I’ll talk about the best cooking devices, like grills, propane burners, and so on.

The Stanley adventure cook set is a classic within the community and for good reason.

It’s reasonably priced, made of stainless steel (so you know it’s durable and can even be used over coals or near a fire) and it’s compact.

It has two cups nested inside of it and has a locking lid to keep it all securely inside when not in use. It can be stashed practically anywhere inside of a vehicle or pack.

Stanley holds a reputable reputation within the outdoor community because of their quality products and this is just one of the best and most raved about. Highly recommend it.

Compact and lightweight cookware set

This looks like a lot of stuff, but it all packs down nicely and it’s fairly lightweight.

It’s made of aluminum alloy which makes it extremely lightweight. Everything packs in between the pot lid and pan which makes it compact and easy to transport.

I will say that while it does come with a mini stove, there’s no place for a mini propane canister to fit inside, so that is one down side.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic set that gives you everything you need for any type of outdoor meal.

This is a simple cookware set. It has the top and bottom pieces which can each individually be used for cooking/boiling water.

The handles flip out to easily handle the pot and each handle has rubber on it to keep from burning hands.

It also comes with a mini stove which can be placed inside of the pots for portable access. There is room in there to also place a mini propane canister so that’s a big plus.

It also comes with a mesh bag to carry it all in.

It’s a simple, yet convenient, cookware set for very basic cooking/water needs.

This is such a unique cookware set. Even though I said I wasn’t going to mention any type of actual cooking device, this is a whole system that comes together so I couldn’t help but mention it here.

This is made out of stainless steel so can be used over fire. Which good because the stove you see there uses little twigs and small branches to create a fire.

You place the pot and pat on top to cook over the fire. This is unique because the stove actually fits inside of the pot, then the pan is the lid and it seals together to be a compact setup.

No need to carry propane, just find some twigs or other small branches to get a fire going. Great setup!

I love the Jetboil brand, they’re durable, reliable and they just work!

This happens to be an all-in-one setup. The stove actually folds and is placed inside of big pot. The pan acts as the lid then they’re all placed inside of a bag for easy carrying.

These have 10,000 BTU propane burners! They’ll get your food cooked or water boiled in no time!

I will say this is kind of a bulky setup so maybe not the most ideal for backpacking, but could work for tent camping, overlanding or car camping.

This uses the 5# propane canisters instead of the little ones.

MSR Quick 2 System Cook Set

MSR is another well known outdoor company. This is a compact system made of aluminum alloy and which weighs only 1.12lbs!

It features one small pot and one large pot. It also comes with a couple deep dish plates and cups. They all nest together inside of each other.

You will need a small propane canister and propane cook stove, which won’t really fit inside of this.

Otherwise, this is a stellar setup that is super lightweight and compact, great for just about any adventure.

I have a variety of cookware sets to fit our outdoor needs. Whether it’s backpacking, tent camping, car camping, RVing, overlanding or something else; we have a cookware set that is perfect for the occasion!

Morgan writes for OutdoorHub while also being the founder of Rogue Preparedness where she helps people get prepared for emergencies and disasters, as well as thrive any circumstances.

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